About Action Management Associates

For 35 years, we’ve focused on providing the very best in available Teamwork, Creativity, Creative Problem Solving, Rational Problem Solving, Decision Making and Critical Thinking Courses.

Global competition and the need to adapt at a speed-of-light pace makes the demand for continuous performance improvement relentless. Rethinking yesterday’s solutions is not an adequate response for today’s problems.

Action Management Associates is a progressive, innovative, and results-focused training and consulting company with over 30 years of demonstrated expertise teaching critical thinking courses, team building, problem solving, and a proven decision making process to diverse audiences in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Cross functional teams of people must work together to assess complex situations, solve problems, make decisions, and anticipate future challenges often without the training needed to execute these tasks consistently. Improving critical thinking and process skills can make a dramatic, quantifiable difference in the results in any organization. Our problem solving training and critical thinking courses can improve the creative problem solving of your organization. Teaching critical thinking skills will benefit your business in the long run, ensuring that your business thrives for years to come through creative decision making.

 While the need to solve problems is universal, the benefits of the approach we teach are distinct.

  • Companies solve problems and make decisions more quickly by developing a common vocabulary and framework of techniques easily applicable throughout the organization.
  • Cross-functional relationships are enhanced by blending the strengths of the rational, creative, and teamwork approaches to problem solving.
  • Concepts and processes are readily applied by participants in daily situations through the use of extensive shortcuts and informal applications.
  • On-the-job performance is directly influenced by unique Sustain the Impact activities involving participants and their managers before, during, and after workshops.

From financial services to energy to technology to manufacturing to … managers rely on Action Management to help their teams learn how to resolve problems efficiently and effectively-when they occur. Our workshops dramatically improve performance, productivity, and quality. We emphasize immediate results while developing people for long term contributions. The design of each AMAI program appeals to all adult learning styles, making it easier for participants to quickly incorporate concepts into their lives and work experience.

Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from our problem solving scenarios, problem solving training and critical thinking courses that will aid in developing critical thinking skills that lead to improved decision making, rational problem solving and creative problem solving.

More About Action Management:

If you’ve ever encountered a problem that felt too overwhelming to solve, we can help. At Action Management Associates, we specialize in creative problem solving-and helping you learn the skills you need to address challenges, set goals, and achieve them!  With our free assessment,  we can quickly tell you what kind of help you need and teach you how to solve even the toughest of problems. We provide workshops, keynote sessions, process consultations and whitepapers to help you learn how to succeed.

We offer a variety of 1 day, 2 day and 3 day workshops. These interactive courses can be delivered on site or via distance learning. Workshops include Critical Thinking for Business GrowthApplied Critical ThinkingRapid TroubleshooterCritical Thinking for Administrative Professionals,  and many more. We even offer custom workshops for unusual or unique challenges. Tell us about your challenges!

Our whitepaper, “11 Cures from the Critical Thinking Specialists,”  gives practical advice about how to solve problems such as: inefficient meetings, conflict, bad decisions, lack of innovation, poor problem solving and more. And, we have so much confidence in our services, that we will give you this whitepaper…for free!

Our keynote sessions encourage people to think in new ways. Keynote Sessions are delivered by extraordinary speakers, are designed for groups of 50 to 250 and can be customized to your specific audience. Please refer to the services section of our website for a more in-depth description of some of the keynote sessions we offer.

You can browse our website to see the many success stories. Read about real-life people whose performance was impacted with our critical thinking training, and hear them tell their stories about the training helped them save more time and money than they had ever dreamed possible. The skills we teach you will help you make money saving decisions under pressure and earn you praise from managers and co-workers.

In this competitive world, get the Action Management difference.  You’ll find greater satisfaction as professional and personal lives are positively impacted by our critical thinking training programs. Call us today at 972-386-5611.

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