I just want to train 1 or 2 people. Can you help?

You are best suited for a public workshop. While we offer few public sessions, we’ll be happy to recommend a few alternatives for you. Give Mark Smith a call at 800-386-5611 to discuss your situation and he’ll be able to make some recommendations.

Do you offer public workshops?

Most of the training we conduct are in-house workshops for our clients.  We offer public workshops on a limited basis and may be able to identify a solution for you.  If you are looking for an opportunity to evaluate one of our programs, we have several options for you to consider.  Give us a call at 800-386-5611 to discuss your specific situation and we’ll help you identify a solution the works for you and your organization.

How can we evaluate your programs before bringing you in to train our people?

There are several options that we can offer to you for evaluating our training. These options range from providing you a DVD of a portion of one of our workshops to providing you access to see a workshop being conducted at one of our clients. Give us a call at 800-386-5611 to let us know that you would like to observe our training for evaluation purposes and we’ll figure out a solution that works for you.

How many people can you train with your keynote speeches?

We’ve had groups of 20 to 220 attend our keynote speeches. You can see some of our prepared topics here or we can develop something specific for your audience. Give us a call at 800-386-5611 to discuss your unique situation.

Do you have any internet delivered solutions or webinars?

Yes, we now offer a instructor-led (synchronous delivery) online program call Problem Solving Live (PSL). PSL includes four 2-hour sessions that can taken as a series or offered as stand-alone modules. Call us at 800-386-5611 for details on this new offering.

Can you help us resolve a specific problem or decision?

Yes, companies that have a specific problem to solve or decision to make are good candidates for our Process Consultation Services. Give us a call at 800-386-5611 for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll explore your specific situation and recommend next steps – frequently this one free phone call is all it takes to get you on your way to the successful resolution of your issue.

Do you offer train-the-trainer or trainer certification?

Yes, we offer train-the-trainer options for all of our programs and, if you are planning to train 100+ people in a year, this is most cost effective solution for most organizations. We take great care in the development of instructors. This content area is very Instructor dependent as maximum on-job utilization occurs when participants are coached to success with “live job applications” during the actual workshops. Our thorough certification process of MODEL – PRACTICE – FEEDBACK – COACH ensures that your instructors are well prepared to deliver the program.

What is the cost of your workshops?

Because of the return on investment from the training we offer, the cost of the workshop is FREE for most organizations. However, because you need to account for the “hard-costs” of training, the following guidelines apply. The fees for our workshops vary based upon the number of people you wish to train and the duration of the program (number of days) and whether you want to certify one of your instructors or use our experienced facilitators. Assuming you want to train 15-20 people in an in-house workshop facilitated by one of our instructors, the fee will typically range from $235 to $300 per participant per day for a multi-day program and $320 to $385 per participant per day for a one-day program (plus out-of-pocket expenses for travel, if any). Volume discounts are available. For an exact quote, give us a call at 800-386-5611 to discuss your specific needs and we’ll explore the best option for you and your organization.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants for your classes?

Our programs are designed for groups of 15-20 participants and work exceptionally well with group sizes ranging from 6 to 28 participants. Larger groups can be accommodated with the addition of more small group facilitators.

Do you offer any half-day or shorter duration training?

Yes, our programs are frequently offered in a modular format. Whether you need only one module to address a specific performance/knowledge gap or you wish to offer a series of shorter duration training we can help.

Will you customize to our specific needs?

Yes, we can customize in a variety of ways. First, participants in our workshops will have the opportunity to work on real life issues that they bring to class with them. This means that not only will we customize to your organization but we’ll customize it to the specific group of people that come to the session for a very powerful learning experience. In addition, whether you want to make alterations to the cover, title and other changes to “brand” it for your organization or develop custom cases and job aids, we can help. Let us know your specific requirements and we’ll work with you to develop an ideal solution for your organization.

Can I review your participant materials?

Yes, we would be pleased to make our participant materials available for your review. We believe they are the best post-course reinforcement workbooks in the world. They contain detailed examples, numerous job aids, green fast-track pages, and are very user-friendly. Give us a call at 800-386-5611 to discuss your situation and we can explain what you should expect to see when you receive the materials.

How does your training compare to Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing or our other quality initiatives?

Our programs Integrate with, complement and enhance training efforts in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and other quality initiatives. We have partnered with many organizations that offer these and other quality initiates and have consistently provided a unique but complimentary set of skills. In some organizations we have even replaced many of their existing quality initiatives because the robust set of process tools we introduce are un-matched by the tools introduced in other training. Call us at 800-386-5611 to discuss your specific situation and we can share how we have helped other organizations like yours.

How do you know that a training return on investment (ROI) has occurred for your clients?

Past participants have shared stories of their success with us and those success stories have totaled hundreds of millions of dollars – this is the savings they estimated (not us). In fact, the total savings they’ve told us about is 17 times more than total revenue our company has earned. We know that the training pays for itself…many times over.

How do you ensure training gets applied?

We have a complete strategy for ensuring training gets applied by engaging participants and their managers before, during and after the training. Our three-pronged approach of accountability, coaching/support and rewards ensures that participants are appropriately motivated to apply what they’ve learned in our training.

What makes your programs unique?

We are experts in the field of critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and innovation. We share that expertise through a variety of programs that uniquely combine rational, creative and people approaches to this critical field. Our training is very robust and yet our programs have been called “insanely practical” and we have a specific strategy for ensuring training gets applied on the job. For more on this topic, take a look at this page: Top 6 Things that make this program unique.

What languages are your programs available in?

All of our programs are available in English and our most popular programs are also available in Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese.

Are your facilitators experienced in our industry?

We have a network of about a dozen facilitators who have worked in virtually every industry in the world. Check out our About Us page to see bio’s for a few of our most experienced facilitators.

Who do you work with? Who are some of your clients?

We’ve provided solutions to companies ranging in size from fewer than 200 employees on up to large multi-national conglomerates and we’ve trained people from the shop floor on up to the executive suite. Most of our clients are Fortune 1000 companies and attendees are usually individual contributors, supervisory and middle management employees. If you have people that you want to be better problem solvers, decision makers, innovators and/or planners, then we have a solution to fit your specific need. You can see a list of some of our clients here.

Will you deliver workshops at our facilities or do we need to come to you?

For in-house workshops, we will come to a location of your choosing at a mutually convenient date.

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