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Problem Solving Training Classes – Action Management Associates

Problem solving training for today’s business leaders.

While some believe that leaders are born, others believe that leadership can be a learned skill. Leaders are identified as those who have a passion for a cause and can mobilize others in pursuit of that vision. In the end, leaders are problem solvers who engage others to help them achieve goals which could not be realized alone.

Recognized futurist and diplomat, Harlan Cleveland, eloquently linked these skills of problem solving and leadership when he said, “Leaders are problem solvers by talent and temperament, and by choice.” In order to become a leader, it is critical that one master both the art and science of problem solving.

Action Management Associates has developed a series of problem solving training courses designed to help leaders obtain the critical skills necessary to clarify issues for their teams and mobilize them for implementation. Our problem solving classes are designed to allow participants to practice these skills on real-world issues that participants are facing on the job. At Action Management Associates, we firmly believe that problem solving learning is not a passive pursuit, but an active engagement of the talents of business leaders in the use of powerful problem solving tools. While our consultants are available for speeches in problem solving, we believe that the greatest productivity gains can be made by business leaders who actively participate in a problem solving class delivered by one of our problem solving experts or a trainer certified by Action Management to teach our programs. Participants leave our problem solving and decision making training sessions having made progress on a current issue they face on-the-job, as well as a plan that they can implement when they return to work. Upon completion of this planning document participants are encouraged to receive coaching and consultation from Action Management Associates’ problem solving experts and share their success stories about the quantified financial benefits their solutions have brought to their companies. It’s true leadership learning for maximum impact.

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