“The best decision is the right decision. The next best is the wrong decision.
The worst is no decision.
” – Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems co-founder

Keynote Sessions

If you are looking to engage a large audience and you want to:

  • Find a high-energy, interactive keynote speaker
  • Inject life into topics such as critical thinking, problem solving and decision making
  • Increase the competence and collaboration around a crucial topic
  • Encourage people to think in new ways
  • Provide practical, useable “take-aways” to begin applying immediately

We have some excellent Keynote sessions delivered by exceptional speakers that are designed for groups of 20 to 250 people and that we can customize to your audience.  Consider the following options that can be customized to your specific audience:

Avoiding Groupthink: Probing, Paraphrasing and Perspective-Taking

Avoid GroupthinkHuman beings are capable of greatness.  The collective power of over 6 billion human brains on our planet hint at the amazing feats we could accomplish if we only put our minds to it.

Unfortunately, we tend to program our minds with a lot of useless junk that can cause us to behave in very unproductive ways.  When our mis-programmed brains get together to collaborate on teams, the result can be inefficiency, missed opportunity, stagnation, and siloed thinking. The good news is, we can reprogram our brains and alter our behavior to reverse this trend and develop effective, resilient problem-solving teams.

The Legacy of Dead Poets: Consciously Looking at Every Day Problems Differently

The great poets and artists over the ages have always had the ability to look at the same landscape and describe or paint it in different ways.  The great artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci prided himself in his innate ability to automatically be able to see problems from different angles, he called it: saper vedere (knowing how to see).

For most people, our brains attempt to make things easier by creating a first impression of a problem.  This instant intuitive problem definition makes it extremely difficult to accept other points of view or creative insights.  Therefore, we need to have tools that get us to consciously look at problems from different angles and different perspectives.

What we need to do is shift from one perspective to another like da Vinci would’ve done.  Shifting perspectives and shifting angles can be done in different ways.  In this seminar, the participants will be given three tools to enable them to begin looking at problems from different perspectives.

Choices, Dilemmas, and Other Hazards of Decision-Making

The quotable Sun Microsystems Co-founder and Chairman Scott McNealy told his organization, “The best decision is the right decision.  The next best is the wrong decision.  The worst is no decision.” Is he right?

Research confirms that most organizations struggle during decision making and the majority of strategic decisions are never fully implemented.  This session uses presentation, discussion, and relevant examples to explore the relational, political, emotional, and contextual factors that disrupt decision-making and deter corporate growth.

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