Your success is important to our team at Action Management and we want to support your efforts to apply what you’ve learned. Please tell how you used one of the processes-cause analysis, creative problem solving, the decision making matrix, etc.- to make a positive impact on your workplace. After we receive your story, we’ll send you a very attractive, personalized Certificate of Achievement mounted on a walnut plaque. It’s our way of saying, “Thank you for being a high performer who can make a positive difference in a company.”

The process for submitting a success story is simple:

  • Achieve a noteworthy accomplishment in solving a business problem utilizing any of the techniques that you learned in the program (cause analysis, creative problem solving, decision making matrix, anticipating and planning process, etc.)
  • Write and submit a Success Story by filling out the Success Story form.
  • If possible, quantify the dollar impact of your success. This could include improved productivity or quality, reduced or avoided expenses, or increased gross profit from additional sales. Prior recipients of the Certificate of Achievement have found this information extremely useful when documenting their on-the-job accomplishments.
  • Within four weeks of receipt of your story, we will review the success, call you with any questions, and send out your Certificate of Achievement.

Use this form to submit your success story.

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