Top 6 Things That Make This Program Unique

What makes us unique?

  1. We are Specialists – We specialize in critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, innovation and risk mitigation. Therefore, we study, read, research, test and create new approaches so that you will always be getting the very best, most practical applications for this crucial content area.
  2. Strategy for Application – Not many organizations can say that they actually have a defined strategy for making sure that training gets applied. We can. Our strategy begins with practical content and in-workshop application followed with accountability, coaching/support and rewards that encourages application of the training outside of the classroom. Because the training gets applied, you gain a positive return on your training investment.
  3. Documented Return-on-Investment – Participants share stories of how they’ve applied what they learned and document the positive financial impact. So far, documented saving  is 17 times more than the total revenue of Action Management…and that’s just the impact we know about. You can expect a positive, tangible return on your investment in our programs too.
  4. Work gets Done During Class – We ask participants to bring their toughest situations to class and then we work on them together – using the processes they’ve just learned. Not only do they get work done in class, real-life application dramatically increases the likelihood that participants will continue to apply the training after class.
  5. Applicable to Each Situation – Our programs uniquely combine rational, creative and people approaches to problems. Participants will learn when each approach is superior to the others and how the approaches interrelate. Therefore, workshop graduates will have the right tool to use for each situation they encounter in the future.
  6. Practical, not Theory – Our programs have been called “insanely practical” which means participants won’t get a lot of theory and “fluff”. They’ll learn approaches that are applicable for business today so that they will use what they learn after class has ended.

Business Success Training

What makes Action Management an easy choice?

  • Our Experience – We’ve worked in virtually every industry including yours – check out our client list. We understand the problems you are facing and will tie the training to your issues.
  • Fits Your Organizational Objectives – Our training connects to your existing strategies and organizational objectives because problem solving, decision making, critical thinking and innovation are foundational to all companies. That means our training will be supported because it directly supports your most critical organizational initiatives.
  • Supports Your Quality Initiatives – If you have quality initiatives in place, such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, our training integrates, compliments and supports your quality initiatives. As one Six Sigma Black Belt remarked “This is the Black Belt of Decision Making courses”. Participants are provided a complimentary set of “tools” available to use for the issues they encounter.
  • It Works! – The program design provides an excellent balance of case work and practical application that thoroughly engages the participants in the way that adults like to learn. Not only will they learn, they will have the confidence to begin applying what they learned immediately so that you get an immediate return on your training investment.

How participants will respond

  • They’ll Love It – We consistently receive exceptional participant feedback. Comments including “best training I’ve ever attended”, “practical tools that I can use immediately”, “worked on real-life problems in class” and “this class will help me do my job better” are commonplace.
  • They’ll Use It – We know from the many success stories we receive every month that participants are applying what they have learned. One of our clients performed a study to examine how participants were applying what they learned and found out that 79% applied what they learned in class!
  • They’ll Gain Recognition – Whenever a workshop graduate tells us how they’ve used what they learned in class, we create a personalized Certificate of Achievement award mounted on a walnut plaque. We invite the manager, company or organization to present the award at a departmental gathering to acknowledge the participant’s achievement in making a measurable, positive impact to the organization. This inspires continued achievement by the award recipient and their peers.
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