Critical thinking training that is interactive, adaptable, creative, and relevant.

Process Consultation WheelFor over 35 years, leading corporations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia have trusted Action Management Associates to assist them in their organizational development efforts by providing training in the essential skills of

  • critical thinking,
  • problem solving,
  • decision making,
  • innovation,
  • and planning.

We study, read research, test and create new approaches so that you will always be getting the very best, most practical applications for this crucial content area.

Companies that are committed to effective organizational development recognize the importance of providing critical thinking training that helps managers make the kinds of decisions that improve performance and drive profitability. The products and services offered by Action Management Associates give our clients practical solutions that produce measurable results.

Our People

Mark SmithMark A. Smith
Scott DannemillerScott Dannemiller
Master Instructor & Keynote Speaker
Lou QuintoLouis B. Quinto
Master Coach & Keynote Speaker
Shari BarthShari Barth
Senior Agent & Master Instructor
  Sattar Bawany photoSattar Bawany
Asia Pacific Representative

Our Success with Clients

Our focus is clearly defined. Our expertise is proven. The financial results we have helped companies achieve are well documented. Successes. Our organizational development initiatives provide companies with processes and tools to more quickly identify the cause of problems, develop creative solutions, select the best course of action, and implement changes while preventing additional problems. One organization’s use of Action management’s decision making process resulted in an initial return of over $70 million.


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