Quality Improvement Saves $40M

A manufacturer of high-performance semiconductor chips needed their engineers to more quickly and fully resolve quality issues to avoid losing business to competitors.  After training their engineers in more effective problem solving approaches, the client reported over 100 incidences of enhanced product quality and process improvements that resulted in more than $40 million in savings.

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Better Decisions Nets $75M

The California division of one of the world’s largest financial institutions wanted to help their organizational leadership improve their capacity for more effective decision making, including the communication, execution, and implementation of those decisions to more than 7,500 employees.  The company reported expected annual savings of over $70 million within one year of the training.

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Six Sigma Alternative Saves $3M

A leading manufacturer of aluminum die castings wanted to improve the quality of their products, decrease manufacturing defects, and reduce production costs but did not have the capital required for a multi-process quality program. After implementing Action Management’s Problem Solving & Decision Making Program the company reported a net savings of $3 million over a two-year period.

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Improved Sales Yields $5.3M

A leading roofing and insulation manufacturer needed to improve sales and increase market share in an intensely price competitive market.  Salespeople were taught how prompt and efficient problem solving and decision making could provide value to their customers.  The company reported that their use of the PSDM processes resulted in over $5.3 million in new business, recaptured lost business, or retention of “at risk” accounts.

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