Client Testimonials

Following is a representative sample of the comments that participants and clients have shared with us.  You too can expect extremely positive responses from every program we conduct for you.

  • The tools provided in the course are practical and they all work in real life. I have taken many courses in this area and they pale by comparison to yours. I would say that this is the “Black Belt” of Decision Making Courses! – Project Manager
  • With regards to the Critical Thinking for Business Growth workshop in our Singapore Country Talent cohort, the facilitator was engaging and the program was well structured.  It also provided relevant tools and knowledge that can be applied in their respective business and professional situations in a scientific and practical manner. – Singapore Learning Lead
  • The processes are great.  I learned skills to help manage my team, our workload and our customer’s expectations better than I ever thought possible! Useful material presented in a dynamic and understandable fashion. – Project Manager
  • Tools learned are concrete, usable tools that can be readily applied in everyday concerns. These are not “pie in the sky” theoretical tools that get put aside when the workshop is over. Very hands on and real life driven.Manager, Scheduling and Deployment
  • Added new tools to my belt. I enjoyed the program and really think that what I have learned will help me in our lean manufacturing program. Knowing how to approach a problem and what to do next is a very handy tool! Fast, fun, loved the hands-on teamwork.– Customer Service Supervisor
  • One of the best classes I have taken.SAP Integration Lead/QA
  • In the small group exercise, the methods worked extremely well. Actual problems were solved and at least progress was made. Out of all the classes that are part of our PDP program, this is the class that has contributed the most to my job/life “toolkit”. I will be using these problem and decision tools often. – Automation Engineer
  • It opened up new method to root cause situations. Fast paced, interactive program designed to involve all in attendance. Had something for everyone.Financial Analyst
  • Provided techniques for decision making, problem solving. Techniques that I can use for client projects as well as managing and interacting with people. Techniques, tips and guidelines that we can really use! – Process Director
  • I was provided a problem solving framework that I can implement to elicit creative approaches from my group and myself. The program relates to specific needs of the participants and includes a follow-up action plan that ensures that benefit is derived and applied from the course. – Manager
  • Will help me make more timely and focused decisions. More importantly all were team-based and made it easy to work out differences through the processes.Training & High Performance Team Coach
  • This class gave me tools to execute Decision Making and Anticipate Problems in a more organized way. – Software Engineer
  • I feel like I walked away from this course better able to make decisions of increasing importance with greater confidence. – Senior Network Specialist
  • I consider myself a good problem solver, but I didn’t realize that being “creative” could be part of the decision making process. – Consultant
  • The workshop showed me ways to look at cause analysis and make informed, well thought out decisions. This program is well organized and uses established techniques. The workbook is clearly written and it is something I will refer to in the future. – Senior Consultant
  • The practical case studies done during class brought it all together. – Media Sales Department
  • Practical and relevant tools.Director Asset Management
  • I really thought it would be another “change the way you look at things” program that takes up my valuable time. I am walking out of here today prepared to take on some challenges and implement some changes I think (along with others in my work group/team) are long overdue. Thanks! – Inside Sales Rep
  • I believe this course will allow me not to just make better decisions, but to collect better data and involve my co-workers to much higher degree.MIS Coordinator
  • Too often, most training courses are all theory and not practical. This had real time applications. – Director Retail Sales
  • Well organized dynamic and provided real-world examples and made the course content relevant to participants. – HR Director
  • Very applicable tools. These are tools I will use. – Director Trade Investment
  • This program showed me other ways to think and address decisions and problems. This class was interesting and engaging. Quite honestly, I have always been confident with my decision making and didn’t think I would get much out of the course. The course was informative and entertaining. I actually feel like I am coming away with skills that I can use at work and in my personal life.Attorney
  • I think this program has offered the most tangible take-a-ways than any I have taken. – Supervisory Examiner
  • Liked that we dealt with actual problems being faced. Wonderful use of my time. – Senior Automation Analyst
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