Critical Thinking for Business Growth

This one-day program is designed for managers who want to quickly and accurately assess and prioritize business needs, make critical decisions, and prevent new problems from developing during organizational change and solution implementations.

The Critical Thinking for Business Growth (CTBG) workshop provides relevant and practical tools for individuals that want to increase their ability to:

  • Separate and evaluate competing market/business dynamics and determine a course of action with limited time and information.
  • Indentify critical priority actions.
  • Make timely, criteria-based decisions that balance desired outcomes with current realities, organizational limits, and client expectations.
  • Identify and eliminate potential hindrances to implementing solutions.

Target Audience

This program is applicable to anyone who is responsible for overseeing one or multiple areas of responsibility including managers, directors, customer relationship managers and leadership teams.


CTBG is an interactive, results-focused program that teaches how to think logically and comprehensively about a situation and identify an appropriate course of action while preventing additional problems. Over fifty percent of this workshop involves participants in experiential activities and on-the-job application. The course utilitzes a dynamic blend of instructor presentation and individual skill practice in each of the concepts presented, using personal work concerns brought by participants.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this workshop, participants will have learned skills and processes to:

  • Utilize a situation analysis process to separate and prioritize complex issues while identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Define and evaluate criteria for effective judgment in decision making while balancing perfect and workable solutions.
  • Develop competence in anticipating and preventing problems before they occur.
  • Use short-cut applications and informal uses of the program tools in daily work situations.
  • Demonstrate a motivating bias toward action.

Job Aids

Included with this workshop are a comprehensive participant manual designed for easy reference including matrices, worksheets, checklists, and process flows; wall charts for group skill practice; Action Tools for the PC including electronic versions of all processes; email and toll-free telephone support; and Action Management’s Success Story Award.

Application of Learning

AMAI’s Sustain the Impact process engages participants and managers before the workshop in selecting issues to address in the classroom. During the session, participants work on their own critical issues, participate in teams similar to real-life situations, see demonstrations and discussions of numerous short-cuts, and plan on-the-job use of all processes.

After the workshop, participants and their managers are encouraged to meet to strategize on-going application of the concepts. Follow-up correspondence is sent to the participant and their manager, and attendees are encouraged to participate in AMAI’s Success Story Program where individuals receive a framed certificate for making a bottom-line impact through use of the concepts.



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