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Effective communication for business results.

Top business leaders understand that the backbone of a high-performance team is strong communication between and among its members. Unfortunately, effective communication is easier said than done. In a recent study, Spikes Cavell, an independent research firm, found that three out of five project failures is caused by poor communication, making it the #1 culprit affecting project success rates. Data such as this suggest an ever-growing need to improve communication skills through the use of communications training, communication workshops, communication consultants, or a combination of these.

Action Management Associates believes that organizations can realize a marked improvement in communication by creating a corporate culture that focuses attention on improving its meetings. It has been estimated that the average business person spends 25% of her time in meetings, with upper-level management spending double that amount. Studies show that workers believe that over half of this time is unproductive – a complete waste of time and energy. Many would agree that meetings are one of the most resource-intensive activities for any organization, making it fertile ground for improvements in communications skills.

Many communication consultants conduct effective communication training events around the differing communication styles of individuals. While this is valid training, Action Management Associates focuses on providing participants with practical skills and techniques that can be used on a day-to-day basis to help individuals drive results on any project they lead. Effective communications training begins with individuals sharing best practices on how to bring focus to meetings and make them more productive.

In addition, Action Management Associates teaches a variety of information processing techniques to help individuals gain confidence in facilitating group discussions and bringing focus to complex projects. All of these new skills are practiced in group problem solving meetings, where participants spend time in the workshop tackling their own real-life issues in a group format. Such training enables participants to become communication consultants when they are back on the job, benefiting both themselves and the organization through effective facilitation of challenging issues. It’s a critical step on the road to productivity through effective communication.

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