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Quantitative Decision Making Skills Workshops – Action Management Associates

Workshops in quantitative decision making that produce measurable results.

In rapidly changing and frequently unpredictable business environments managers are expected to engage in quantitative decision making that requires the assimilation of large amounts of information in a limited amount of time. Unless leaders have developed effective decision making skills, they may find it difficult to process the information needed to make accurate and timely decisions.

Action Management Associates’ workshops in decision making help professionals develop the decision making skills necessary to quickly and accurately identify and evaluate decision criteria against multiple alternatives. Our quantitative decision making process balances the subjective (emotional) dimensions of a decision with objective (factual) information, bringing the strength of objectivity to even the most subjective or complex decisions.

Our decision making courses provide a model and process that participants can easily adapt to their individual work challenges. Practice segments of each decision making workshop give participants the opportunity to use what they are learning in both case studies as well as their own business decisions. The decision making skills people learn in our workshops are easily applied in group decision making sessions when teams need to evaluate data and determine the best course of action.

There are no perfect decisions. As individuals learn effective decision making skills they can develop competence and confidence in the kinds of quantitative decision making that are critical to organizational growth and profitability.

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