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Learning problem solving skills that produce measurable results.

How do people really learn? This question has been asked for centuries, especially by those in higher education. Unfortunately, many have a difficult time remembering how what was learned in high school, college, and post-graduate school classrooms applies to current work situations. We can see how these learning environments taught the value of perseverance, diligence, and hard work. However, many would agree that it has been years of experience that have taught the most. Research shows that only about 10% of our development is learned in the classroom. The remaining 90% comes from observation/mentoring (20%) and on-the-job experience (70%).

Action Management Associates agrees that true learning comes from practical application of skills learned in the classroom. For that reason, the bulk of the time in our Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSDM) workshops is spent working, rather than lecturing. Participants first learn by working on problem solving questions, and wrestling with problem solving scenarios based on real-life cases. This gives individuals the opportunity to learn new problem solving methodologies without emotional attachment to the problem itself.

Following this, learners bring their own, real-life problem solving questions and problem solving scenarios to the classroom. Alongside peers, they use their new-found skills to develop problem statements and resolve issues from their own environments or work on preventing problems in the future. These problem solving exercises provide a focused opportunity for participants to practice their newly acquired skills, receive coaching from Action Management Associates’ problem solving experts. Many participants leave the workshop with progress made on a real-life issue they face on the job. But the learning doesn’t end there. In a high-impact homework assignment participants are asked to identify another problem they are facing, and begin planning how they will address this problem.

Back at work, individuals implement this plan, using processes they learned in the workshop. Once completed, participants are encouraged to summarize how the project has impacted their own learning, and how it has impacted their company’s bottom line. In nearly 30 years of facilitation, Action Management Associates has helped companies realize tens of millions of dollars in benefits through the application of classroom concepts and tools. Action Management Associates is truly your partner in problem solving.

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