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Management Development Training – Action Management Associates

Management development training that gives managers the tools for success.

Today’s managers are being asked to drive results more than any other time in recent memory. From developing employees, to meeting management, to managing budgets, supervisors have a broad array of expectations placed upon them. Unfortunately, many new managers are ill-equipped to deliver on these day-to-day expectations. Most were promoted into management because they were top-flight individual contributors. However, the skills required to excel as an individual contributor are far removed from those required for effective management.

Management development training is often available to teach the supervisory skills of delivering feedback, motivating team members, developing employees and managing the legal aspects of the job. These skills are critical to success. Still, this approach to manager training often fails to provide the tools necessary to drive results on day-to-day projects and expectations.

Effective managers know that their job is to get things accomplished through other people, yet they lack proven tools with which to accomplish this goal. Action Management Associates provides managers with the tools necessary to identify problems, develop creative solutions, make solid decisions, and implement plans. Our training provides an opportunity for new managers to use these tools to facilitate group problem solving on real-world issues, just as they would back on the job with their own teams. This practical approach to learning continues beyond the classroom and encourages new managers to use the tools to benefit their companies’ bottom-line well into the future.

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