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Leadership skills development that improves performance and results.

Organizations intent on achieving and maintaining a competitive edge recognize the importance of effective leadership at all levels in the organization. Developing the leadership skills required to manage through the complexities of increased competition, customer requirements, workforce management, stockholder expectations, and . . . requires more than comments in a mission statement about the importance of effective leadership.

While a few individuals are born leaders, most leaders are made. In some situations hiring an executive or manager with specific leadership skills is an appropriate strategy for filling a leadership need. But the long-term viability and growth of a company demands a comprehensive and targeted method for leadership skills assessment and a subsequent process for developing leadership skills in the individuals who are identified for current and future leadership roles.

Action Management Associates has observed that the process for developing effective leadership in an organization must be deliberate and should include highly experiential leadership skill development opportunities that teach how to lead teams of people in solving business problems, developing creative solutions for problems, and strategies for ensuring the successful implementation of decisions. This approach to developing effective leadership skills includes providing content that will help individuals integrate into their leadership styles tools and processes for cause analysis, creative problem solving, decision making, and anticipating and planning for problems during implementations.

The critical thinking programs offered by Action Management Associates provide companies with versatile processes that are easily adapted and incorporated into any leadership development curriculum.

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