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Making problem solving part of executive leadership development.

Novelist Poul Anderson once commented, “I have yet to see a problem, however complicated, that when you looked at it in the right way, did not become still more complicated.” As managers move into executive leadership roles, it is important that they learn methods for assessing problems that dismantle their complexity rather that increase it.

As companies compete to hire and retain top talent throughout an organization, it is critical that they include in their executive leadership development programs components that teach executive skills in identifying the root cause of problems, developing creative solutions, making decisions, and implementing changes without creating additional problems. Problems left unresolved are expensive, damage morale, take time to resolve that could be invested in more profitable ways, and unnecessarily increase the workload for those impacted by the problem. Organizations that equip their executive leadership with critical thinking training and develop a problem solving culture throughout all levels of the company are better able to respond to the unexpected in highly competitive, global environments.

Action Management’s critical thinking training programs provide executives with comprehensive tools to:

  • Isolate changes and distinctions that affect performance.
  • Create new solutions that exceed previous considerations.
  • Identify and develop alternatives during decision making.
  • Recognize potential barriers to the successful implementation of new initiatives.

Our programs help individuals develop the executive skills that they need to have both competence and comfort in using critical thinking questions and appreciative inquiry to resolve complex business challenges while creating a positive, motivating environment. Through broadly applicable critical thinking exercises and team practice using personal work challenges, participants develop the versatility needed to lead organizations in rapidly-changing environments.

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