HR and Children of the Cobbler

We’ve all heard the phrase “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” which speaks to the irony of how certain professions will focus on other’s needs and ignore those situations closest to them.  Human Resource (HR) professionals can be as guilty of this as anyone.  They work closely with their internal business partners to analyze and develop capabilities for the future and then sometimes give scant attention to their own future development needs.  Being always mindful of where the HR organization is developmentally and where it needs to go in the future is essential if HR is to provide that same leadership to the company as a whole.

“HR From the Outside In” by Ulrich, Younger, Brockbank & Ulrich is a very forward-looking book about the value that HR organizations will be expected to deliver to gain or maintain a “seat at the table”.  .  Their book is based upon 25 years of research but is focused on the future competencies, professional development and structures that will be necessary for successful HR organizations of tomorrow.   The book covers topics like:

  • Six essential Competencies for the future
  • Developing HR professionals into exceptional business partners
  • Structuring an HR department to deliver the greatest value


Soundview Executive Book Summaries has prepared an 8-page book summary for “HR From the Outside In”.

Or you can purchase the book from Amazon.

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