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Problem Solving Training Workshops – Action Management Associates

Critical thinking training that improves business performance.

Thinking critically has been defined as mental activity that is clear, precise, and purposeful. Action Management’s workshops in critical thinking teach individuals techniques for processing information in order to categorize and use the information they receive to

  • Identify the cause of problems.
  • Develop creative solutions.
  • Select the best course of action when making decisions.
  • Avoid potential problems when initiating change.

When individuals become skilled in critical thinking problem solving they are able to move beyond personal biases to use observation, reflection, reason, interaction, investigation, and personal experience to identify and process the information needed to solve complex issues and problems. Critical thinking training that creates positive change in an organization must go beyond teaching participants what to think to help them learn how to think.

Email, voice mail, podcasts, printed media, on-line resources, television and radio, and emerging new technologies provide us with more information than we can effectively process in one day. In highly competitive business environments it is essential—although often difficult—to effectively manage the flood of knowledge encountered every 24 hours. The critical thinking training offered by Action Management teaches individuals a variety of techniques for understanding, evaluating, and acting on information in order to focus that information toward the most leverageable opportunities for growth and improvement.

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