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Critical Thinking Skills Development – Action Management Associates

Developing critical thinking skills.

Creativity expert Gerard Nierenberg reminds us that, “If you are seeking a creative answer to your problem, you must first give sufficient attention to understanding what the problem is,” (The Art of Creativity).

As business processes and global relationships become more complex it is increasingly important for managers to develop the critical thinking skills needed to accurately define a problem, isolate the cause or causes of the problem, and use creative thinking processes to develop innovative solutions that will resolve the core issue. When action is directed toward something other than the root cause of a problem, additional changes may be introduced that compound the problem. The value of creative thinking is diminished when it is applied to a symptom or consequence instead of the root cause of a business challenge.


Action Management Associates helps organizations focus their energies and resources on their most important business challenges by providing workshops and consulting services that help corporate leaders develop the critical thinking skills needed to accurately define and resolve performance challenges. Our 28 years of partnership with companies in a wide spectrum of industries has proven that critical thinking skills development is accomplished best in an interactive, highly-focused environment where individuals can readily apply the concepts they are learning to their individual business challenges.

Our critical thinking skills development process engages the participant and his/her manager before, during, and after the training session. We recognize that implementing new critical thinking skills is a process that can be significantly enhanced through reinforcement from the training facilitator and support from an individual’s manager. Our learning methodology includes both of these important components in every critical thinking skills development program we offer.

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