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Personal & Corporate Skill Coaching – Action Management

Project management and business decision making.

Coach – to train intensively by instruction, demonstration, and practice (Webster).

The growing popularity of corporate coaching, personal coaching, sales coaching, and teaching managers coaching skills all underscore the need for training to be more than a day long lecture to an eager or occasionally a not so eager audience. Action Management recognizes that effective problem solving and critical thinking training must incorporate instruction, demonstration, and practice in order to achieve lasting behavioral change-and in order to ensure a positive return on a company’s training investment.

Action Management workshops teach critical thinking concepts using a proven methodology that includes explanation of a concept, group practice using a generic case example, and application of each new process in “real world” challenges that participants face in their current responsibilities. This process gives the class instructor multiple opportunities to provide individuals with personal coaching in the use of a new model, process, or tool.

Sales professionals find our questioning techniques, analysis tools, and processes for separating complex problems into manageable parts enable them to more quickly identify a prospect’s business needs. If requested, Action Management can also provide follow up sales coaching to individuals or sales teams implementing new critical thinking processes.

Action Management provides organizational and corporate coaching that will help a management team create an energetic problem solving culture where problems are quickly and openly identified and creative solutions are developed and implemented with positive results.

Action Management’s facilitators and coaches help individuals-

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