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Leadership & Motivation in the Workplace – Action Management Associates

Improve workplace motivation by engaging your employees.

Motivation in the workplace is more art than science. Anyone who has attended a motivation seminar knows that 1) financial rewards are a short-term motivator, and 2) each individual employee has different reasons for putting forth effort on the job. However, there are some common threads seen in a variety of motivation studies. Beyond recognition, employees want to feel involved, they want to have some form of input in their day-to-day work, and they enjoy challenging work. It is easy to see how leadership and motivation are tightly bound.

Leaders have a direct impact on the environment in which their employees perform. Authoritarian leaders can and do achieve goals. However, these leaders often gain very little commitment from employees. Those leaders who empower employees by involving them in key decisions and tapping into the knowledge of front-line workers find that this inclusiveness pays dividends in the form of an engaged, dedicated workforce.

Action Management Associates has designed its problem solving training to equip today’s managers and leaders with tools that help them facilitate problem solving sessions with employees—and engage them—from root cause analysis to the implementation of a solution. Involving the team not only brings about well-rounded, thoughtful solutions, but also builds a motivated workforce committed to a course of action. Teamwork skills and meeting effectiveness skills are woven throughout our workshops to underscore the importance that effective group dynamics play in a motivated, successful workforce. Our training is a unique blend of practical application and theory that helps build motivation in the workplace through engaged employees and practical solutions to business problems.

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