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The global business market is undergoing a transformation. It is evident in the growth trends of today’s companies. Management Consultants at Booz Allen Hamilton write in their article “A New Take on Business Process Redesign”

“As the economy shows signs of a turnaround, corporations are directing their focus to capture growth in the upturn. Unlike the 1990’s, however, growth in the near-term is likely to be organic rather than acquisition-driven, prompting a number of companies to reconsider their operating model. Product-focused organizations are becoming more customer-centric and are finding that their current processes cannot deliver on new market requirements. So, once again, companies are reevaluating and redesigning their business processes… in search of increased customer value and internal efficiency.”

Such widespread change in the global marketplace underscores the increased need to examine current process designs to uncover areas of opportunity. Process redesign cannot be done on a whim. Organizations must use a thorough, systematic approach to analyze data (and the quality of that data) to assure they are moving in a positive direction. This begins by collecting relevant data through process maps, control charts, and deviation analysis tools to identify where improvements can be made.

In addition, process redesign must be made with an eye toward creative, innovative solutions to assure the company maintains its competitive edge in an ever-shrinking business world.

Throughout this entire transformation, Action Management is well-positioned to partner with organizations to equip your leaders with the tools necessary to lead high quality process redesign efforts. By teaching skills in Deviation Analysis, Distinction Analysis, Creative Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Project Implementation, Action Management acts as a catalyst to bring about positive change in your business.

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