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A toolkit for problem solving skills development.

Noted American psychologist Abraham Maslow is famous for saying, “To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.” This is especially true when we consider the way in which people approach problems.

When faced with the problem of falling revenues, a business leader might say, “We need to come up with a creative way to engage our customers and get them buying again. Let’s brainstorm!” When faced with the problem of increasing workforce turnover, the same business leader may say, “We need to come up with a creative way to engage our top-tier employees so they will stay with us. Let’s brainstorm!”

While brainstorming has a place in a problem solving process, it isn’t the tool to use when the root cause of a problem is not known. Effective problem solving skills development is about teaching today’s business leaders critical skills in assessing a situation, identifying the real problem, and then choosing the appropriate tool to address the issue. Action Management Associates’ problem solving workshops are designed to do just this.

Each problem solving workshop takes a holistic approach to problem solving skills development. Participants learn that effective problem solving is achieved through the marriage of rational, creative, and people-oriented methods of problem solving. Throughout the workshop, participants gain experience in using a broad-array of tools and problem solving worksheets to approach different types of problems. If an organization does not know the root cause of the problem it faces and if this problem is a deviation from the norm, then Action Management’s Deviation Analysis Problem Solving Worksheet is the perfect tool. If the organization has never met expectations, then an entirely different cause analysis tool is used. If the challenge is choosing the best option between three or four possible business strategies that look equally appealing, Action Management’s Decision Making Matrix will be most helpful.

Maybe it’s time to stop hammering away at your problems and learn more about how Action Management Associates can fill your toolkit with the resources necessary to reach your full potential.

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