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Problem solving coaching from Action Management Associates.

Think of your favorite coach – the T-ball coach who taught you how to swing a bat, the drama coach who taught you how to cry on cue, or the business coach who taught you how to manage people for premium performance. Consider how that person has impacted your life. It’s pretty amazing to think of how much we are influenced by those who empowered us to get the results we had hoped we could achieve but weren’t certain were possible. The odds are pretty good that the coach you are thinking of also taught you skills and techniques that you could apply to your everyday life.

The odds are also pretty good that the coach you thought of is not a “problem solving coach.” Coaching in problem solving is not something we often think of.

However, studies show that each day, the average person is faced with making over 600 decisions. While some of those decisions are relatively simple, such as which breakfast cereal to eat, others are more difficult, such as how the best align a work team to achieve success on a particular project. In making these difficult decisions and tackling challenging problems, it is often helpful to have a third party assess your situation and suggest a course of action.

Action Management Associates offers classes in problem solving that teach critical skills to help any individual feel more confident in facing difficult issues, and to help them achieve optimum results. Our problem solving coaching process is designed to empower individuals to effectively deal with their most difficult on-the-job problems. Through practical experience in the classroom, participants learn to use logical problem solving tools and techniques that they can take into the workforce. Through regular use of the tools participants become the problem solving coaches – serving as a resource to other colleagues. Through these classes in problem solving, “problem solving coaching” becomes a living process that helps everyone in your organization reach their highest potential.

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