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Problem solving techniques that achieve results.

Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them (Henry Ford).

Does this statement describe your workforce? If so, you are not alone. To be fair, today’s fast-paced business environment causes many of us to place a higher value on quick-fixes than long-term solutions. Resource constraints and speed-to-market pressures make it very easy to put quality solutions “on hold” until they can be adequately addressed. There is an alternative.

The reason many people don’t immediately address a problem is because they lack a systematic, proven problem solving strategy. Time constraints prevent people from learning these important processes during the press of daily responsibilities. Unfortunately, the bottom-line costs of such a lackluster approach are staggering. Over the past three decades, Action Management Associates has been approached by business people from a variety of industries that are frustrated by multi-million dollar problems without a proven method for charting a course to success. Our simple, yet powerful problem solving techniques can be used by organizations to effectively solve problems and prevent future problems. Our workshops are designed to teach proven methods through practical problem solving activities that allow participants to work on real-life business issues in class. Each problem solving activity ends with participants taking away a solution to a specific problem, and practical experience in using a proven tool. Armed with this knowledge, participants return to the workplace to teach others these methods and address future problems with more confidence. It’s an approach that would even please Henry Ford.

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