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Three approaches to problem resolution.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, problem resolution skills are a vital part of any business’ success. Every dollar that a company either spends or receives is a direct result of decisions, and decisions grow out of problems or creative opportunities.

There are three schools of thought for problem resolution. One is the rational approach. Some people feel that the key to resolving any issue is to use a number of systematic, analytical problem resolution processes to arrive at the correct solution.

A second approach is from the creative perspective. Those with a bent toward creativity feel that while the logical problem resolution processes are a great way to analyze data, the best solutions come from thinking “outside the box” and generating countless innovative ideas.

A third approach is the focus on people. Those who focus on the “people” element of problem resolution believe that both logical and creative approaches have merit. However, if a group cannot function well together, communicate effectively, and focus on the right issue, nothing will get accomplished.

Action Management Associates’ Problem Solving & Decision Making workshops provide a unique blending of all three of the major problem solving approaches: Rational, Creative, and Applied Group Dynamics. The resulting synergism of this problem resolution training leads to more effective solutions and greater commitment to action whether a problem concerns tasks or people.

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