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Presentation skills workshops that impact success.

Today, results-driven companies dominate the corporate landscape. Those organizations that are most successful are those that take action. Many of us have watched business presentations that lacked focus, without any evidence of structured analysis and forethought. The best part of the presentation was the PowerPoint design, or what some call “executive flypaper.”

In a results-driven organization, the term “executive flypaper” is a myth. Quality business leaders are looking for results and no amount of spinning graphics, flying text, or grandiose plans will cause them to lose focus. Unfortunately, in pressure situations, presentation skills can only take a presenter so far. Today’s business presenters need a solid foundation for the information they are presenting and a clear explanation for how they arrived at their solutions to business problems.

Presentation skills workshops are an effective way to teach the mechanics of delivering an engaging, entertaining presentation. However, behind all of this is a need to enhance presentation skills with proven problem solving and decision making skills that will provide the fuel for a top-flight presentation.

Action Management Associates provides comprehensive training, tools and techniques that enable today’s high potential employees to lead their teams through:

  • Root cause analysis to identify the underlying issues impacting business results.
  • Creative problem solving activities to generate new, innovative ideas.
  • Decision making processes to identify key criteria and alternatives to arrive at the best solution.
  • Project implementation exercises to assure that new plans are implemented smoothly.

Each of these activities produces well-reasoned, tangible results and plans that can be clearly presented to executive management. Such proven preparation produces presenters with more confidence and credibility.

So, move beyond the “executive flypaper” andcontact us a today.

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