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Achieving success through organizational alignment.

Organizational performance is a by-product of organizational alignment. It is difficult to achieve success if the individuals in a company are all pointed in different directions. Conversely, if organizational leaders can establish a clear direction and objectives, and the change agents and stakeholders can all see how their own efforts contribute to the achievement of the overall goal, then the organization can quickly move toward success. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Organizational psychology tells us that the most effective teams are those with a strong leader who can passionately set direction, guided by the input of his or her constituents. This concept is well-known. Less known are the effective tools to involve stakeholders and leaders in the process of identifying problems, coming up with creative alternatives, choosing the best course of action, and flawlessly implementing the new initiatives.

Action Management Associates has invested nearly three decades in developing and refining problem solving and decision making tools that have been used by companies in North America, Asia, and Europe to achieve organizational alignment. Each Action Management workshop, from Applied Critical Thinking (ACT) to Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM), is designed to teach the skills necessary to bring about effective organizational performance. Participants in our workshops are equipped as business leaders to facilitate problem solving initiatives using proven tools and techniques that engage every stakeholder involved in setting direction and achieving goals. Through practical exercises and activities, participants use the workshop to tackle real-life business problems and leave as experienced leaders in facilitating the process on their own.

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