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Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organizational decision making.

Even the best companies can struggle during corporate decision making. Efforts to effectively manage risk (the measurable probability of an outcome) and uncertainty (the dimension of probability that cannot be measured) often delay important decisions or stop organizational decision making altogether. The corporate decision making process an organization implements should incorporate rational, quantifiable data into the subjective elements of decision making in order to minimize risk and protect against uncertainty.

Action Management’s critical thinking programs present a corporate decision making process that combines the rational (risk) and emotional (uncertainty) aspects of organizational decision making in an easily applied process that identifies and applies objective data to the unavoidably subjective dimensions of decision making in business. This shared process and objective matrix can significantly increase the probability that there will be broader engagement with and organizational support for a corporate decision. In his studies of 163 business decisions Ohio State University professor Paul Nutt found that involving those affected by a corporate decision in the decision making process is the single greatest contributor toward ensuring the successful execution of a decision once it has been made.

The decision matrix individuals learn to use in Action Management’s programs is also a valuable tool for those making recommendations to senior leaders responsible for organizational decision making. The data-driven process provides clear and specific answers when individuals are asked about the criteria used and the alternatives considered when making a recommendation.

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