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Building an organizational culture around effective problem solving.

Culture n. [ kuhl-cher ] the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular group

Organizational culture (sometimes referred to as “corporate culture”) defines the norms and behaviors of individuals within a company. Usually, organizational culture is rather organic, growing from the actions of leaders in the company and those who have been with the firm for some time who have contributed to its success. Those behaviors that have been successful in the past are likely those that will be reinforced in current employees and sought out in new talent that is brought into the organization. To oversimplify, organizational culture assessments can be used to validate whether cultural assumptions are true, simply by asking individuals at the firm, “How are things done around here?”

The challenging point comes when a company determines that is necessary to undergo an organizational culture change in order to stay competitive or adapt to market changes. This is never an easy task. It requires that key individuals in the company learn new modes of operation, change their own behaviors, and reinforce the behavior change in others.

Action Management Associates has partnered with companies in their organizational culture change efforts, specifically around incorporating problem solving into a corporate culture. To adapt to today’s rapidly changing business environment, many companies find they need to move from a reactive to a proactive problem solving culture. They also find it necessary to improve the culture of communication within their organization to assure alignment for the numerous change efforts and to meet the demands of a fast-paced environment. By teaching practical problem solving skills in cause analysis, creative problem solving, decision making, and implementation, Action Management Associates prepares business leaders with new skills than can be used immediately as well as taught to others to change the problem solving culture of an organization.

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