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Managerial Decision Making – Action Management Associates

Improve your managerial decision making.

As individuals progress in their careers into higher and broader levels of responsibility they are faced with the need to make more decisions—and the expectation that those decisions will be both timely and accurate. As individuals move up in an organization, they move farther from where action takes place making it possible to lose touch with important information that should be considered in whatever decision making methods a manager uses. Managerial decision making is most effective when it follows a process that ensures that the decision maker can identify and evaluate objective criteria when considering various alternatives in a decision.

The decision making steps presented in Action Management’s workshops involve the use of both rational and creative techniques. Our decision making method is built on the understanding that all decisions involve both risk and uncertainty and the best solutions grow from the effective evaluation of many alternatives. The use of a formalized, structured decision making process can help individuals better ensure that they are evaluating all relevant information during managerial decision making. Our decision making method has proven valuable in situations where competing interests must be involved in a decision process or where an anticipated decision will be unpopular or carries significant political implications. This unique decision making model can also help generate additional ideas when facing a decision with few acceptable alternatives.

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