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Team leadership – a 20th century evolution.

Before the industrial revolution, management as a job was a foreign concept. Once organizations began to grow, it became evident that the role of manager or leader was critical to an organization’s success. Unfortunately, the small number of large organizations at the turn of the 20th century made it difficult to find a positive management model. For that reason, early management and leadership paradigms came from the only well-recognized large organizations of the time – the church, and the military. Both of these organizations thrived on a hierarchical structure supported by command and control. Thus, the pervasive leadership style of the time was one of command and control.

As companies and business evolved, so did management and leadership styles. Throughout the 20th century, the worker increasingly became a more integral part of corporate decision making. By the late 1980’s, the tide had turned, with businesses falling in love with the idea of self-directed work teams, and falling out of love with “traditional” management and leadership models.

In the 21st century, team leadership skills are more important than ever. In the knowledge economy, team decision making and collaboration to consensus are a key part of everyday business. The most successful leaders effectively tap the knowledge of their front line employees, those that are most intimately involved with the customer and/or day-to-day business operations. Those in a leadership role are tasked with team building, and seeking out team leadership training to assure that direct reports are empowered with team decision making capabilities.

Action Management Associates is well-positioned to partner with today’s businesses by teaching critical skills in team decision making and equipping team leaders with the tools to unleash the full potential of their work teams.

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