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Business Skills & Leadership Assessment – Action Management Associates

Use a business leadership assessment to identify opportunities for growth.

Developing the business leadership skills required to manage through the complexities of global competition, customer demands, and stakeholder expectations requires more than a mission statement citing the importance of business leadership. Organizations intent on achieving and maintaining a competitive edge use a defined process for developing specific business skills at all levels in the organization.



How confident are you that managers in your organization can effectively identify the root cause of problems, make timely decisions, and implement initiatives without creating additional problems? Action Management’s brief organizational assessment can also be used as an individual leadership assessment to help you identify areas of strength or opportunities for development in the current and future managers in your organization.

Long-term viability and sustained corporate growth demand a comprehensive and targeted method for leadership skills assessment and a subsequent process for ensuring the on-going development of individuals with business leadership abilities that can be adapted and applied to a wide range of operational challenges.

The critical thinking workshops offered by Action Management Associates include highly experiential business skill development opportunities that equip managers to lead teams of people in solving business problems, develop creative solutions for problems, and design plans to ensure the successful implementation of decisions. This approach to effective business skills development includes tools and processes for cause analysis, creative problem solving, decision making, and anticipating and planning for problems during implementations.

The critical thinking programs offered by Action Management Associates provide companies with versatile processes that are easily adapted and incorporated into any business leadership development curriculum.

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