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Judgment & Decision Uncertainty Training Workshops – Action Management Associates

Decision making workshops that improve managerial effectiveness.

Research into 136 business decisions by Ohio State University management professor Paul Nutt found that managers fail about half the time when making decisions involving their organizations. In Nutt’s research group about one third of the decisions were never implemented; another twenty percent were only partially adopted or later overturned.

Nutt’s research underscores the fact that when making a decision, uncertainty and the inability to effectively process information relevant to a decision often affect the outcome. Poor decision making processes followed by the ineffective execution of decisions result in huge financial losses to companies each year. Without decision making training, managers are often ill equipped to demonstrate good judgment in decision making resulting in decisions that are not embraced and implemented by those involved.

The Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSDM) workshops presented by Action Management Associates have provided hundreds of professionals with a logic-driven process that brings objectivity to even highly subjective decisions. Workshop participants learn how to identify essential and desired criteria in a decision and use a decision making worksheet to weigh that criteria against several alternatives. Our decision making training blends both rational and creative elements of decision making into an easily-used process that can be applied throughout an organization. The availability of our decision making worksheet on CD-ROM facilitates sharing a decision process with those involved in the decision.

From 28 years of working with a diverse group of companies we have found that when decision uncertainty is balanced with an objective, quantitative decision making process individuals and groups make better decisions that are more readily adapted in an organization. Our decision making training offers managers practical solutions that produce measurable results.

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