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Improving interpersonal communication through problem solving tools.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” When considering the challenges business people face, never have truer words been spoken. The pace of change in today’s business makes the environment ripe for communication problems. Many have seen projects fail or die during implementation due to miscommunication, a lack of alignment, or a dearth of usable information. What is missing is someone who can concretely teach business leaders how to improve communication skills.

Interpersonal communications skills play a big role in the corporate communications process. Interpersonal skills assessments are an effective way to discover individual and team strengths in communication. Beyond that, employees and business leaders alike find that it is often necessary to develop norms as to how information should and will be communicated. In this phase of communication development, it is helpful to have tangible tools that help employees work through complex issues and move toward a goal.

Action Management Associates has invested nearly 30 years in refining and perfecting tools for critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making that facilitate the communication process throughout an organization. These tools are designed to be used by work teams to assess a business situation, identify problems, discover root cause(s), develop a variety of solutions, choose the best course of action, and flawlessly implement plans. Combined with tangible worksheets, matrices and instructions, these step-by-step processes assure that everyone has an opportunity to share their point-of-view on an issue, that everyone is clear on which issues are most important, and how best to proceed. Businesses who have used these tools to facilitate communication around key issues have found significant cost savings and revenue generation.

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