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Techniques & Model for Creative Thinking – Action Management Associates

Using idea generation techniques to develop new solutions.

Innovation and creativity are two of the most important contributors to ensuring organizational growth and productivity improvement. Companies committed to helping individuals develop critical thinking skills recognize that rational thought alone will only makes us as good as we once were or as good as someone else is now. The most effective way to move beyond an established way of doing something is to apply a creative thinking process to the situation.

Action Management’s problem solving and critical thinking training programs incorporate an easily applied creativity model that includes idea generation techniques and processes that incorporate both evaluative/logical and imaginative/intuitive activities. Individuals learn how to use information processing questions to separate a complex issue into its most critical elements, resulting in a clearly defined problem statement. Idea generation techniques are then used to identify and develop solutions that can be evaluated for their applicability to the specific problem.

We have observed that when individuals are taught techniques for creative thinking that help them look at situations from a broader perspective, they more readily see opportunities for business improvement and innovation. Those closest to a problem are often able to more quickly recognize ways to resolve the issue. As professionals gain confidence in exploring and experimenting with new ways of doing things in a culture that supports innovation and change, organizational growth and increased profitability can be anticipated.

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