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Team & Collaborative Problem Solving – Action Management Associates

Improve group problem solving and shared decision making.

Growing numbers of individuals with large relational networks are moving into management roles in organizations, making collaborative problem solving and shared decision making common and often expected approaches to business improvement initiatives. This increasing emphasis on using cross-functional teams and small work groups to engage in problem solving efforts creates a need for individuals at all organizational levels to become adept at leading and participating in group problem solving meetings.

As organizations utilize and encourage collaborative problem solving, they cannot assume that individuals with broad personal networks naturally know how to engage in team problem solving efforts. When a meeting is expected to achieve a specific outcome with restricted time and often limited resources, it is essential that the participants in the collaborative problem solving effort be skilled in problem solving and shared decision making meeting.

Action Management’s Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSDM) workshop includes a module that teaches individuals how to engage in a team problem solving meeting. We present key concepts of meeting management, roles to assign when problem solving in groups, and ideas for planning and leading effective meetings—all with the aim of helping companies reduce the number and size of their meetings—saving the time, resources, and talent that are often under utilized in poorly planned, ineffectively managed, or unnecessary meetings.

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