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Group Problem Solving Activities – Action Management Associates

Improving your group problem solving skills.

The complexity of today’s business climate makes it nearly impossible for an individual business leader to solve a problem alone. Managers need to enlist the help of others to fully understand the causes of a problem, potential solutions, and the consequences of possible courses of action. For this reason, group problem solving is increasingly becoming a sought-after skill in the corporate marketplace.

Group problem solving is part art and part science. Leaders must have the tact and finesse to facilitate group problem solving activities, taking into account the different personalities and talents of those engaged in the process. In addition, these same leaders must have practical tools to help them quickly assess a situation, sift through volumes of information, uncover the critical issues, and chart a course of action.

Action Management Associates provides training in both the art and science of group problem solving. By teaching strategies for meeting management and sharing best practices in issues surrounding group dynamics, we equip managers to artfully facilitate groups in a variety of situations. We teach the science of group problem solving by exposing our workshop participants to tools that address root cause analysis, creative problem solving, decision making, and anticipating problems and planning.

In each workshop, participants have the opportunity to lead a team through a group problem solving activity that addresses a real-world problem they are currently facing. It is practical experience that continues beyond the classroom. Just ask the dozens of companies that have used Action Management’s tools to realize millions of dollars in bottom-line impact.

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