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Developing your core competencies.

Does your organization use a competency-based system to attract, manage, measure, and develop employees? Many of today’s top companies do. Competency evaluation is a proven way to identify the core skills, knowledge and abilities that are the most critical success factors in an organization. Once a competency-based culture has become engrained in an organization, the competencies themselves become a helpful tool to manage employee performance.

Effective employee performance assessment typically comes in the form of mid-year and annual employee appraisals, supplemented by frequent face-to-face status meetings. During these meetings, the competencies become a focus of conversation, and are a helpful tool in employee skills assessment. Unfortunately, when employee performance is not deemed competent, the manager and employee must work together to identify ways to develop a particular competency. This can be perhaps the biggest challenge of competency-based assessment programs.

Some managers suggest that employees attend a training course to increase competency. Unfortunately, only 10% of our learning comes from the classroom. The rest comes from observation and on-the-job experience. This is where Action Management Associates partners with our client in employee development.

For nearly three decades, Action Management Associates delivered workshops that take learning beyond the classroom. Whether an individual’s competency area of development is in Driving for Results, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Information Processing, Intellectual Horsepower, Priority Setting, Strategic Agility, Planning, or Managerial Courage, our Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM) workshops are designed to teach practical tools to help individuals achieve success on the job.

Throughout each Action Management workshop, participants are encouraged to use our proven tools to solve real, on-the-job problems. In addition, participants spend workshop time planning how they can use the concepts when they return to their responsibilities. This “homework” pays dividends when program participants rejoin their teams and begin to facilitate problem solving sessions using the skills they have just learned. Action Management clients report literally millions of dollars in bottom-line impact from on-the-job application of these concepts.

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