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Problem solving strategies that impact results.

Business leaders face countless problems each day. The pace of change is so fast in today’s organizations that success often depends on an individual’s ability to quickly process information and arrive at a solution. Are some people born with an innate problem solving skill while others appear to have great difficulty? Is problem solving skill determined at birth? We don’t think so.

Action Management Associates teaches strategies for problem solving that can be applied to countless situations to help business leaders realize their goals. Success begins with understanding the basic steps to problem solving. Yet understanding is not enough. Leaders must develop process skills to help them take their teams on the journey from problem to solution. At Action Management Associates, we believe that effective problem solving is measured in one’s ability to define a problem, identify its root cause or causes, develop an array of innovative solutions, select the best course of action, and implement a solution without creating additional problems.

Through our Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSDM) workshops, participants have the opportunity to solve real-world, on-the-job problems while receiving coaching on various strategies for problem solving. It is a practical approach to learning which ensures that each participant leaves the workshop with effective problem solving skills as well as the ability to lead their own teams through the appropriate steps to problem solving.

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