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Decision Making Models & Matrix – Action Management Associates

A decision making model and easily adapted decision making matrix.

Action Management’s proven decision making model and easily used decision making matrix enables individuals to make decisions and judgments based on both facts and feelings. Our decision making model offers a process for choosing among or between alternatives or ranking alternatives when it is likely that more than one option will be implemented. This process has proven to be useful when individuals are facing decisions that are complex or will profit from the visibility a defined decision making matrix can provide.

Unlike some commonly used decision models, the decision making matrix presented in Action Management’s workshops involves the use of both rational and creative techniques. Our decision model is built on the understanding that all decisions involve both risk and uncertainty and the best solutions grow from the effective evaluation of many alternatives. The need for a formalized, structured decision making process is apparent from the number of business decisions that are approached with inadequate information resulting in decisions that are made too quickly, too slowly, or not made at all.

Our decision making matrix has also proven valuable in situations where competing interests must be involved in a decision process or where an anticipated decision will be unpopular or carries significant political implications. This unique decision making model can also help generate ideas where a decision is faced and none of the current alternatives are acceptable

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