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Approaches to decision making.

The outcome of a decision is directly related to the analysis, approaches, and questions used in the decision process. A systematic approach to decision making analysis helps ensure that the right criteria are identified and defined and that all appropriate alternatives are considered. When individuals are taught a decision making approach that includes ways to define criteria, identify alternatives, and make the decision analysis as objective as possible, they are much more likely to explore all the options and possibilities relevant to a particular decision.

Action Management’s proven decision making analysis model and the decision making questions we teach in our workshops enable individuals to incorporate both facts and feelings in the decision making process. Our approach to decision making includes a step-by-step process for choosing among or between alternatives or ranking alternatives when it is likely that more than one option will be implemented. During each workshop, participants engage in decision making exercises that include the explanation of the concept, practice using a generic case situation, followed by practice using personal work challenges identified by workshop participants. The use of targeted decision making questions and relevant exercises quickly give individuals competence and confidence in making more effective business decisions.

Action Management’s process for decision analysis involves the use of both rational and creative techniques. Our decision making approach recognizes that all decisions involve both risk and uncertainty and the best solutions grow from the effective evaluation of many alternatives. Our experience has proven that the use of a formalized, structured decision making analysis model that incorporates ways to evaluate both criteria and alternatives can prevent making decisions with inadequate information resulting in solutions that often fail to achieve their intended objectives.

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