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Data Based (Data Driven) Decision Making- Action Management Associates

Improving management effectiveness through data based decision making.

All decisions involve elements of risk, uncertainty, and emotion. Organizational decisions based on simplistic or inadequate decision models can often miss important factors that should be considered when making a quality decision. While no one can ensure a perfect decision, data based decision making can guard against the tendency to ignore important criteria or alternatives due to personal biases, aversion to risk, or not taking the time needed to secure necessary data.

Action Management’s data driven decision making model involves the use of both rational and creative techniques. Our decision making process recognizes that the best solutions grow from using defined criteria to make a thorough and objective evaluation of many alternatives. In working with companies for 28 years, we have found that a structured data driven decision making process better ensures that decision makers identify and evaluate all of their potential options before making a decision.

A data based decision that grows from a structured decision process is more likely to effectively balance what is desired with what is practical. When those impacted by a decision are allowed to be part of this data driven process, they are much more willing to implement and support the decision after it has been made. Action Management’s data based decision making process is a focused methodology that enables groups to review and evaluate information in an objective and organized manner.

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