What CEOs Want from Training

In this time of budget development and justification, perhaps you would like to know what CEOs are really looking for from their Training organization.  The ROI Institute conducted a survey of Fortune 500 CEOs to find out.  Their results were published in T+D Magazine and there were surprising mismatches between what Training Departments are measuring/reporting and what CEOs want measured/reported.  If you are looking to get support for your training, consider how well you are reporting on CEOs most desired measurements:

  • Impact – Training is driving the top business measures of the organization.
  • ROI – The economic return on dollars invested in training.
  • Awards – Awards the Training organization has garnered from industry peers.

Most companies are doing a good job reporting results in areas of least interest (to CEOs) including:

  • Volume – The number of people that received training.
  • Reaction – Employees evaluation (Level I) of the training they’ve received.
  • Efficiency – The cost per hour of learning provided.

This is an excellent survey with great insights that are applicable to all learning organizations.  You can find a copy of the article on the ASTD website – Measuring What Matters: How CEO’s View Learning Success.

What are you doing to capture the information most important to CEO’s.  More importantly, what are you doing to ensure the message is getting through?

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