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Critical Thinking Questions & Exercise – Action Management Associates

Critical thinking tools and questions.

Harvard Business School professor John Kotter’s research into the behavior of successful leaders confirms that effective leaders know how to use questions to identify important information, clarify the information they receive, and guide others in using what they know to improve performance and profitability. The use of critical thinking questions to focus energy and resources on the most important aspects of a business is an ability needed by every manager and leader in an organization.

Action Management’s workshops teach managers how to use a comprehensive set of critical thinking tools to

  • Isolate changes and distinctions that affect performance.
  • Create new solutions that exceed previous considerations.
  • Identify and develop alternatives during decision making.
  • Recognize potential barriers to the successful implementation of new initiatives.

Our programs help individuals develop both competence and comfort in using critical thinking questions and appreciative inquiry to resolve complex business challenges while creating a positive, motivating environment. Through easily applicable critical thinking exercises and group practice using personal work challenges, participants develop the versatility needed to manage in rapidly-changing environments.

Inventor, innovator, and consummate risk taker Thomas Edison said, “There’s a way to do it better—find it.” Edison’s use of critical thinking questions enabled him to change his world—and ours. Using his example, Action Management’s programs help leaders develop the ability to identify and leverage hidden improvement opportunities. Clients in North America, Asia, and Europe have found that our critical thinking tools bring organizations practical solutions that produce measurable results.

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