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Creative Thinking Model & Strategies – Action Management Associates

Creative thinking model and strategies for creative thinking.

The process for developing critical thinking strategies throughout an organization does not need to be complex or difficult. After 28 years of success in teaching critical thinking skills to thousands of people, Action Management has found that most people can quickly gain competence in developing creative solutions and using creative thinking processes. Organizations that want to lead their industries and markets recognize the importance of including creative thinking as part of any critical thinking skills development initiative.

Action Management’s creative thinking model is part of a comprehensive approach to problem solving and decision making. Our proven model for creative thinking recognizes that most creative initiatives are not colossal break-throughs. The majority of new inventions and business improvements are the result of simply combining previously unrelated elements in a new way. Recognizing our natural tendency to seek order and efficiency, Action Management’s creative thinking model encourages the use of divergent thinking to maximize the creative potential in both individuals and groups. Our critical thinking strategies incorporate a creative thinking model that circumvents the natural inclination to rush to a conclusion and uses information processing questions to broaden concerns in order to identify the critical elements within a bigger issue. This process results in a more clearly defined problem statement toward which creative energy and new ideas can then be more accurately and appropriately applied.

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