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Creative Problem Solving Techniques & Strategy – Action Management Associates

Techniques for creative problem solving.

The effectiveness of critical thinking and problem solving initiatives is multiplied when methods for releasing creativity in a team are introduced. If an organization wants to make innovative advances, whatever problem solving strategy is used must be a creative problem solving strategy—one that incorporates both rational and creative elements of problem solving.

Action Management teaches creative problem solving techniques that help individuals and organizations gain competence in developing new solutions or adapting a current process for greater effectiveness and efficiency. Our proven methodology for critical thinking and problem solving recognizes that most creative initiatives are not dramatic break-throughs. The majority of new inventions and business improvements are the result of simply combining previously unrelated elements in new ways.

Action Management’s creative problem solving strategy supersedes our natural tendency to seek order and stability and encourages the use of divergent thinking to maximize the creative potential in both individuals and groups. Our creative problem solving concepts incorporate a process that circumvents the natural inclination to rush to a conclusion and uses information processing questions to broaden concerns in order to identify the critical elements within a bigger issue. This process results in a more clearly defined problem statement toward which creative energy and new ideas can then be more accurately and appropriately applied.

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