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Effective Communication Improvement – Action Management Associates

Improving communication during problem solving.

Organizations that want to improve communication between operating units and work teams can often see significant, positive change when specific training efforts are directed toward helping groups improve how they communicate during and following problem solving and business improvement initiatives. When work teams share a common language, easily-applied tools, and readily-adapted processes during business problem solving, communication improvement during the effort is frequently observed.

Effective communication during problem solving requires that individuals and teams know how to process large amounts of information while focusing their knowledge, experience, and expertise on the right issue at the right time. The critical thinking processes taught in Action Management’s programs enable teams to focus their knowledge and resources to accurately identify the root cause of problems, develop innovative solutions, determine the best course of action, and prevent future problems from developing. Effective communication is not accidental and communication improvement throughout an organization must be deliberate. Some companies would benefit from investing time and resources in problem solving efforts specifically targeting communication improvement throughout the company. Action Management partners with organizations to help them develop more effective communication before, during, and following their business improvement efforts.

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