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Business process improvement.

Improving business performance and reducing the time required to successfully implement business process improvements require that leaders and managers know how to effectively identify the root cause of problems, create appropriate solutions, use business decision making tools, and ensure the successful implementation of new initiatives. Stakeholder expectations and market demands create enormous expectations for any business process improvement that an organization begins. Some companies recognize too late that improving business performance first requires an investment in the people leading the process improvement initiative.

For 28 years Action Management has provided companies with tools and processes that result in practical solutions-and measurable results. Our workshops and consultations with organizations have proven that all problems are the result of change-but all change does not need to create problems. The critical thinking processes we teach have a proven record of helping leaders and managers make better business decisions that result in positive, lasting changes in business performance successes.

As market uncertainty increases, the ability to quickly innovate and adapt to unexpected changes increases as well. Action Management’s critical thinking programs help companies develop the skills needed to flex and respond to the unexpected by using a corporate-wide approach to problem solving and decision making. The tools and processes taught in Action Management’s programs ensure that when a company engages in on going business process improvement the changes implemented reflect practical solutions that ensure measurable results.

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