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Workshops in problem solving that improve business communication.

While leaders in all organizations recognize that communication is an essential component in effective corporate management, only a small percentage of executives are adept at sharing critical information with their employee populations. The increasing speed of business communication and the demand for rapid business problem solving require that managers become progressively skilled in creative problem solving, making strategic decisions in a timely manner, and ensuring that new business initiatives are executed successfully without disruption to the rest of the organization. Additionally, managers must become adept at communicating effectively during a problem solving process.

Action Management’s workshops in problem solving teach professionals how to

  • Recognize that a problem exists.
  • Identify the root cause of a problem.
  • Develop appropriate solutions.
  • Select the best course of action.
  • Act without preventing additional problems.

The teamwork and meeting management concepts taught in our PROBLEM SOLVING & DECISION MAKING program improve business communication by helping companies develop a common language for business problem solving. When problems and business challenges are approached with the same techniques and tools across divisions, departments, and at all organizational levels, cross functional relationships can be strengthened through the problem solving process.

Action Management’s unique integration of the rational, creative, and people approaches to problem solving has resulted in a comprehensive method for critical thinking and business problem solving that is easily understood, quickly used, and applicable throughout an organization. Our workshops in problem solving are interactive, engaging, and constantly focused on developing practical solutions that produce measurable results.


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